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GATOR                 FLOW

Culvert pipe, used as a storm water conduit under driveways and roads, are designed to facilitate the efficient downstream runoff after heavy rain events in areas with open ditches.

However, over time, in both residential and commercial areas, these pipes tend to become obstructed by debris.  These obstructions block the efficient flow of water and cause pooling and flooding in the adjacent properties during heavy rain events.

To solve the problem of the blocked pipe, municipalities or contractors will either replace the culvert or clean it out.  The most commonly used existing method to remove silt, impacted vegetation and trash is a high pressure water jetting truck that blasts the stoppage out of the ends of the pipe.  This method tends to be cost prohibitive and very messy  as well as time consuming. 

With our proprietary tooling, we are able clear debris, dirt, impacted leaves, sticks, trash, sand etc. from culverts of any size up to 48”. 


  • Less expensive than replacing the culvert
  • Our waterless method is less messy than hydro-jetting and hydro-excavation methods
  • Wet methods tend to have a much quicker re-silt rate
  • Gator-Flow restoration can usually be done for a fraction of the cost of hydro-jetting.


Custom Tools

Through patented Gator-Flow tools and methodologies, BSmith Contractors can effectively and efficiently clean and restore clogged and damaged culverts

 Our carefully designed cylindrical scraper and shovel tools enable the crews to implement the Gator-Flow method on storm drain culverts of any material without damaging the interior of the pipe. We can service RCP, corrugated metal pipe, HDPE, heavy wall PVC, and steel pipe.Type your paragraph here.


  • Our Gator-Flow storm restoration service can increase positive downstream drainage
  • We can clean culverts with up to 95% Blockage
  • Our small, highly trained mobile work crews work quickly and efficiently
  • Minimal environmental impact and damage to surrounding yard 

Gator-Flow Dry Culvert Cleaning Advantages over Alternative Solutions