B.Smith Contractors sitwork in Houston


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Our longtime footprint in the area along with our reliance on maximum self-performance helps us continue to price very competitively in a very competitive bidding market.  BSmith makes it a goal on most jobs to use 70-90% owned equipment and in house labor to keep the job at low cost to us and under budget for our clients.
      The proof that this formula for success works is the fact tha we are still here in an unfavorable market after four decades, and we plan to continue to work into a bright future.

Our Focus


BSC has over the years, through countless projects, garnered experience and know how

  •  Site Work -Clearing, Excavation/Grading, Hauling, Stabilization, Building Pads, and Detention Ponds
  • Demolition -Interior, Exterior, Complete Structure
  • Underground Utilities -Electric, Telephone, Storm, and Sanitary Sewer 
  • Asphalt & Concrete Paving -Residential and Commercial  


     We believe that the key to our success is maintaining longterm, meaningful relationships with both client and supplier. 

  BSC has had long-standing relationships with several of the larger contractors and public entities in the Houston area for years, including the City of Bellaire, Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice, and Harris County Dept. of Purchasing.   BSC is the former vendor for land clearing and earthwork for Spring ISD.

A Brief History

About Us



  Back in 1969 Benjamin Smith, with one dump truck and a larger vision started what would become one of the most respected small construction businesses in South Texas.         
   After steady growth B.Smith Contractors incorporated in 1980 mainly as a trucking and earthwork enterprise.  In the years since, BSC has grown fairly steadily with varied partnerships and clientele to manage and build more complex and challenging projects.